Social Media Analytics

How successful is Your Social Media Appearance?

Engagement Analysis

How much and how often others interact with you and your content in social media.

Engagement Metrics

When someone takes the time to like, favorite or comment on something you’ve posted, they’re actively engaging with your content. Engagement metrics showcase audience action, which is important for social media health and growth.

Growth Analytics

Measures the growth of your audience and delivers tools to increase it.

Audience Growth Rate

The Growth Rate measures the change in a brand or company’s following on social media networks. Tracking your Growth Rate on each individual network will determine the average rate of increase or decrease in your fans or followers.

Competitive Analysis

Compares your key metrics with other selected Social Media apearances.

Your Ranking Compared To Others

Compares your Social Media performance, user engagement, follower’s behaviour, target group, growth rate and other KPI with the ones of other comparable companies or organisations showed in a ranking.

Marketing Analysis

Define the goals you want to achieve and how to achieve them.

Boost your Social Media coverage

Define the goals you want to achieve with your Social Media appearance and develop a marketing plan – get more followers, likes and shares with paid or unpaid most efficient campaigns.

Follower Analysis

Who are the most active users or even influencers following you?

Understand your audience

Create a ranking of your most active users. Understand your audience and analyse your users’ interests and use the data to create the most efficient target group for your marketing campaigns.

Metrics Analysis

Define the metrics which really matter to you.

Find the right metrics

Monitor mentions, track likes and shares for your posts. Identify optimal times for engagement. Analyse the audience demographics. Track referral traffic from Social Media. Examine click rates and conversion rates.